Bluegrass Fast Draw  

    Our Moto is Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third!!!!

Club Officers

The Kentucky Posse

James Casteel



Phone: 1(270)256-1215

Email: [email protected]

Pamela Maiden



 Phone: 1(270)256-3446

Email: [email protected]

Paula Sissel

"Ms. Cisco"


Phone: 1(502)802-7402

Email: [email protected]


Bluegrass Fast Draw Home Range

117 Madison Street

Beaver Dam, KY 42320


James Casteel (aka Shane)

         Cell: (270) 256-1215 

      Email: [email protected]



 3rd Sat of the month

      12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

 Club Shoot

Last Sat of the month

      8:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


117 Madison Street, Beaver Dam, KY 42320


 You must be a member of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. 

Membership dues for the Bluegrass Fast Draw Club, LLC is $25 per person or $50 per family a year. We currently have approximately 43 members. This is a fun family sport and shooting age begins at 8 and continues to 101.
   BGFD Home Range, Ohio County Fairgrounds, Building #2, 2300 State Route 69 North, Hartford, Kentucky 42347

Club Paperwork

CFDA Rules and Regulations

Information You Need to Get Started


 “Safety First, Fun Second, Competition Third!”

The Guns

 Single-action revolvers, factory chambered for .45 Colt caliber, with non-adjustable rear sights such as:  SAA Colt, Colt Bisley, 1858 Remington conversions, 1875 Remington, S&W Schofield and faithful reproductions thereof, plus most Ruger Vaquero models. The external parts of the revolver must match factory stock contours and made of original type material: i.e. hammers must not be bent in any way. No trigger shoes, no mods to the trigger guard or grip frame, etc. Front sights are optional and barrels must be a minimum length of 4-1/2”, except in the Shootist Category (7-1/2”). Hammer knurling may be smoothed.


  95% of ammunition used in Cowboy Fast Draw is .45 colt casings that are specially modified to accept 209 shotgun primers and no gun powder.  Velocities reach about 650 fps.  Only in major competitions Cowboy Fast Draw Cartridges are used, they must be loaded by CFDA approved reloaders.

Shooting Style

 Most folks use a thumb-cocking method, but fanning is allowed. Trigger finger must be out of the trigger guard.  If used to cock the hammer the off-hand must not be placed in front of the body before the start light comes on.


 1800’s period clothing is strongly recommended. Western cowboy, including working cowboy clothing is acceptable. Western boots or moccasins are acceptable footwear. Western-style blue and black jeans are acceptable. Men must wear western style hats.

Some of our Goals

 To keep our clothing & equipment such as guns and holsters true to form of the time period that we represent (1873-1899). 1873 is the year that the Colt Peacemaker was introduced.    To promote a positive public image of our sport and gun sports in general, since Cowboy Fast Draw is commonly held in public
venues.  To promote spirit of the American Old West and the Cowboy Way.

What You Get When You Join

• Membership Card

 • Gunslinger’s Guidelines (Rulebook)

 • Membership Number

• Badge with Membership Number

 • CFDA Decal

 • CFDA Pin

• Subscription Gunslinger’s Gazette (North America)

• A Whole Bunch of New Friends


  One of our primary goals is to educate as many people as possible in the safe and proper use of firearms.  Even though we use wax bullet ammunition, we treat them as they were live ammunition and observe all established range safety rules.

The Holster & Gun Belts

1800’s-style Mexican Loop, Slim Jim, and California Pattern holsters or leather rawhide construction.  The over the belt-style holster will be worn on the side of the leg only.  No cross-draw, shoulder, buscadero, contemporary Hollywood or steel lined holsters are allowed.


  The standard Cowboy Fast Draw target is a 24” round disc with a start light in the center. The target will measure 50” from the ground. White lithium grease is applied to the target to track all wax bullet hits.


 Digital timers must time to the thousandth of a second.  Sanctioned contests must use target with impact sensors.


Contests are shot elimination style, best 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5 shots per round. The standard contest is luck of the draw man vs. man elimination. Gunslinger

 – 15 ft. Gunfighter

– 18 ft. Master Gunfighter

 – 21 ft. (Titled Championship Distance)

 There are Men’s, Ladies and Youth Divisions

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James Casteel (Founder)

Elmer Daugherty (Co-Founder)

Marketta Daugherty

Ronald Tucker

Devin Pickerill

Billy Stockton

Kenneth Autry

Jeff Morris

Dee Gibbs

Darrel Gibbs

Bill Bruner 111 (Deceased)

Ronnie Bright

John Slaughter

Edward Miles



Two Feathers

Ketta Beretta

Rowdy Yates

Billy The Kid

Kentucky Slim

The Kentuckian

Madman Morris


The Missourian

KY Sourdough



Rafe Coving

Club Members

No Spring Chicken
Diamondback Billy
Kid Cisco
Ms. Cisco
K J Kwik
Snake Charmer
One Shot
Kentucky Drifter
The Apostle
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Johnny James
Slow Draw LU
Sam Bass
Bobtown Red
Green River
Rebel Bill
Wild Horse
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Outlaw Angel

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