Bluegrass Fast Draw  

    Our Moto is Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third!!!!


The Club Championship will be on November 25th. Registration starts at 8:30, Safety Meeting at 9:30, Match Starts at 10. We will be shoot both short gun and long gun Championships.

2017 Showdown in the Bluegrass KY State Champs




Bluegrass Fast Draw Club, LLC is a non-profit organization set up to promote firearm safety and the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw.

           We are an affiliate Club of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.
        Our Moto is Safety First, Fun Second and Competition Third!!!!

Cowboy Fast Draw is the fastest timed sport in the world. This is a reaction sport where shooters begin to draw on the target when the light comes on in the center of the target. This is an extremely safe sport which uses wax bullets and range officer to maintain a safe shooting environment for all.